The Company is engaged into the business of finance, investment and trading hire-purchase, leasing and to lease finance lease operations of all kinds, purchasing selling, hiring or letting or hire all kind of plant and machinery and equipment that the company may think fit and to assist in financing of all and every kind and description of hire purchase or deferred payment of similar transactions and to subsidize, finance or assist in subsidizing or financing the sale and maintenance of any goods, articles, or commodities of all and every kind and description upon any terms whatsoever and to purchase or otherwise deal in all forms of immovable properties and movable properties including land and building, plant and machinery, equipment, ships, aircraft, automobiles, computers and all consumer, commercial and industrial items and to lease or otherwise deal with them in any manner whatsoever including resale thereof, regardless of whether the property purchased and leased be new and/or used.

Our aim behind keeping all the products and staying updated is to give customer complete list of the products so he does not have to go elsewhere. That way we can guarantee that, with the help of our products and services, our customers will be ready to meet the new challenges facing them in their industries.

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